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As the trade organization for professionals tasked with buying legal services, we seek a dialogue with law firms, legal service providers, software companies and other stakeholders in the legal industry. Only when buyers and sellers of legal services communicate with each other and have a dialogue, can there be a "win-win."

To ensure that you have a clear understanding of what legal procurement is all about, dial into our Legal Procurement Dialogue calls. They are "open mic" sessions where you can ask a seasoned legal procurement professional anything you ever wanted to know about legal procurement.

Getting more and more RFPs from procurement? You are asked to participate in a reverse auction? Price negotiations coming up? What are procurement professionals looking for? Needing to market to legal procurement and legal operations?

If you are looking for answers, dial into our Legal Procurement Dialogue calls:

  • Q3 2017 | Wednesday, September 27 (11-noon ET) with Felicia Suggs Legal Sourcing Manager at Johnson & Johnson
  • Q4 2017 | Wednesday, November 1 (11-noon ET) with Olivia Knight Vice President, Sourcing & Vendor Management - Legal at Credit Suisse

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Get answers to:

  • How to best work with procurement and other business people on the client side
  • How procurement evaluates law firms
  • The do's and don'ts when procurement is involved in selecting law firms
  • And anything else you want to know about legal procurement

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We wish you could have joined us!

  • Q2 2017 | Aaron Katzel Former President & CEO (The Legal Operations Company) and Head of Legal Operations Center (AIG)
  • Special Session Q1 2017 | Sarah Barrett-Vane Director of Legal Operations (Royal Mail)
  • Q1 2017 | Peter Eilhauer Head of US Law Department Operations (Elevate Services)
  • Q4 2016 | Suraj Prashad Global Procurement Director (MetLife)
  • Q3 2016 | Jo Ellen Hatfield Senior Sourcing Manager (Bunge)
  • Q2 2016 | Marty Harlow Procurement Director, Global Legal Services (GlaxoSmithKline)
  • Q1 2016 | Alan Gotto Director (Constellia)
  • Q4 2015 | Andy Krebs Global Strategic Sourcing Manager (Intel Corporation)
  • Q3 2015 | Jason Winmill Managing Partner (Argopoint)
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