Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein 
Executive Director
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Silvia has been a part of the legal industry since 2002. She has worked for EAN International (now GS1), the global standards organization in supply chain management, as well as for law firms and legal software companies. 

Silvia co-authored the Harvard Business School case studies GlaxoSmithKline: Sourcing Complex Professional Services (N9-414-003) on the company’s legal procurement initiative and Riverview Law: Applying Business Sense to the Legal Market (N9-414-079) on a new model law firm that uses management information systems and cause analysis to reduce legal costs for its clients. 

She is the author of many articles on law firm management including "What we Know and Need to Know about Legal Procurement" in the South Carolina Law Review and The Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics’ “I didn't go to law school to become a salesperson.” She also authored and edited a number of books, including the Legal Procurement Handbook and Buying Legal: Procurement Insights and Practice. The Buying Legal Council also publishes Winning Proposals: The Essential Guide for Law Firms and Legal Services Providers.

Silvia is a Lecturer in Law at Columbia Law School and an Adjunct Professor at Fordham Law School, where she pioneered courses in law firm management. 

She earned her PhD at Nottingham Law School (UK) and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Universität Bayreuth (Germany) and Warwick Business School (UK) as well as an Undergraduate Degree in Economics from Universität Bayreuth (Germany). She is a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management.

Dr. Lena Campagna
Conference Director
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Lena holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Massachusetts Boston and a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Communication from Emerson College. Lena has extensive experience in project coordination and outreach, mixed methods research, and program evaluation.

Lena has published in peer-reviewed academic journals in social science research such as the Journal of Criminal Justice Education. Lena is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Sociology department at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City.


Stefan Segadlo 
LATAM Market Development Director
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Stefan is a senior communications professional and educator with deep experience in non-for-profit organizations. He is truly trilingual (English, Spanish, and German) by way of background and experience. He has been quoted extensively and appeared on several Spanish-language media outlets.

Stefan earned his M.A. in Communications and M.A. in Spanish and English Philology from the University of Muenster (Germany) and holds a Certificate in International Business Administration from Johannes Kepler University in Linz (Austria).   

Jenny Miller 
Executive Assistant
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Jenny is an experienced office organizer and supports both Members and Friends of the Buying Legal Council.

Buying Legal Guide

Simone Claudia 
Director, Buying Legal Guide
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With fifteen years of experience operating in the legal marketplace, Simone is passionate about facilitating change within the industry. The old law firm model is like owning a Filofax in a world currently dominated by smart phones. Business is moving quickly, actually more efficiently, and so too should their legal services providers. The Buying Legal Guide is the meeting point for buyers and suppliers of legal services to create the Renaissance the industry needs.

Before joining the Buying Legal team, Simone ran an international consultancy assisting clients operating in the legal industry with marketing, communications, and positioning. A number of her clients have been recognized in the FT Innovative Lawyers Report as well as winning a number of prestigious awards from notable legal publications.

Rebecca Bell 
Business Development Director, Buying Legal Guide
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From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Rebecca leverages each client's unique contribution to create PR campaigns and marketing strategies that develop their brand and amplify their voice. As an award winning writer, she uses the written word to transform ideas into stories that connect with and convert target audiences.

She has a B.A. in Communications from The Ohio State University. She joined the Buying Legal team in August 2017.

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