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The Buying Legal Council is the international trade organization for professionals tasked with sourcing legal services and managing supplier relationships. Our members work on the client side, hold procurement, operations or other in-house positions at their organizations. Members at every stage in their career benefit from participating in the Buying Legal Council.

  • We support you through advocacy, networking, education, research, and information.
  • Joining the Buying Legal Council will enhance your professional training, give you access to practical resources, and connect you with your peers.
  • You will add more value to your organization and improve your performance by learning from others and their best practices, and avoid reinventing the wheel.
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Join the Buying Legal Council today and you will benefit in multiple ways:

  • Access the largest collection of knowledge on legal procurement: Primers, Cheat Sheets, Templates, Videos, Podcasts, slides from previous conferences and conference calls, and other useful material on legal procurement.
  • Opportunity to learn from and share with other professionals in similar roles
  • In-person and online forums for the exchange of ideas, insight, and knowledge
  • Access to our LinkedIn group
Education & Insights
  • Educational and professional development opportunities
  • Access to summary material on all prior conferences
  • Educational material to make your job easier
  • Access to proprietary and relevant research 

Conference Calls
  • Best Practices calls: experts present 
on a variety of relevant topics, such as RFPs, 
fee arrangements, negotiating with law firms, scorecards for firms and others.
  • Legal Lessons calls: Increase your category knowledge with our 60-minute live “Mini Law School” webinars on a variety of legal topics and legal systems. The Legal Lessons will help you become a better, more sophisticated buyer of legal services.
Working & Interest Groups
  • Join our working and interest groups and share your thoughts, learn from others, and deepen your insights through focused peer discussions. The working groups also work on developing best practices.

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Membership in the Buying Legal Council® is open to anyone working on the client side: in legal procurement, operations, the legal department at large or other in-house positions.

We offer individual and corporate memberships: Corporate membership includes up to 10 team members worldwide. Individual memberships stay with the member, even if he/she changes employer. Conference call participation is limited to the individual member and does not extend to his/her colleagues. Membership runs for a twelve-month period from the time you sign up.

  • Corporate Membership: 1 year US$750; 2 years US$1,250 (US$625 per year)
  • Individual Membership: 1 year US$250; 2 years US$400 (US$200 per year)


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