“Winning Proposals"
The Essential Guide for Law Firms and Legal Services Providers

The New Must-Read by Anyone Involved in Bidding for Legal Services (release date June 2017)

New York, NY and London, UK – Law firms and legal services providers today have to compete for business. RFPs (Requests for Proposal) or tenders have become the norm. The winning proposals deliver millions in fees, drive partner prestige and power, and shift the momentum in major law firms. The international trade organization for legal procurement, Buying Legal Council, and consultant John de Forte of de Forte Associates, have teamed to create: “Winning Proposals – The Essential Guide for Law Firms and Legal Services Providers.”

Drawing on his 30 years’ experience in the field, de Forte clearly explains how to get it right.

Author de Forte is a specialist in advising law and other professional services firms. He published the bestselling book “Proposals, Pitches, and Beauty Parades: Winning New Business in the ‘90s” with the Financial Times in 1993. It has become the reference for practitioners, marketing and business development professionals in legal and professional services.

The international trade organization Buying Legal Council was established three years ago to help corporations and government bodies buy legal services better and deliver improved service at lower cost. In 2015, it published the Legal Procurement Handbook to educate both buyers and sellers of legal services. Now in 2017, it publishes de Forte’s new book.

“The stakes are high for both law firms and corporations. They need to complete full diligence on who they partner with, how they work together and how much they pay. This book will help lawyers, procurement professionals, bid teams, review teams,” says de Forte. “It is based on many years of experience, helping firms improve the win rates.”

“As the voice of the client, we believe that buyers and sellers of legal services have to understand each other and work together to create more value for the client. This book is meant to help firms to become the firm or supplier of choice, and will lead them through the ever-more competitive marketplace,” says Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein, executive director of the Buying Legal Council.

The book provides insight into how clients can best manage the bid function, how to establish rules for responding to opportunities, and guides readers through the initial fact-finding and intelligence phase to developing the bid strategy, preparing the submission and presentation. The content is organized as a reference volume with detailed examples and checklists.

This includes:

• Understanding how buyers think: the factors which are most influential in the selection of legal advisers, and how the procurement environment is changing;

• Managing the bid function to ensure that the right practices are applied consistently cross the firm;

• Using intelligence on the target organisation to develop a winning proposition;

• Developing the bid strategy and a compelling case for being selected;

• Maximising scores from the evaluation of the submission;

• Making presentations memorable; and

• Improving performance over the longer term.

Winning Proposals will help bid teams to focus on the critical issues affecting the outcome of tenders - and to hone the diverse range of skills involved in achieving the best results.

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