The Buying Legal Council has published two books:

Since legal fees have become significant line items in many companies, top management at more and more companies mandates procurement to help source legal services. But where to start to consolidate cost? Improve efficiencies? Increase predictability? Monitor budgeting to get the right firms for the right matters at the right price? Whether you are new to legal procurement, need new ideas for taking sourcing legal services to the next level, or need to understand what procurement wants. The Legal Procurement Handbook is for you.

Tendering has become the standard method by which clients choose their legal advisers. But making the most of the opportunities continues to be a challenge for many firms. Drawing on his 30 years’ experience in the field, John de Forte focuses on the practical approaches bid teams need to adopt to maximise their prospects of winning. This includes:

  • Understanding how buyers think: the factors which are most influential in the selection of legal advisers, and how the procurement environment is changing;
  • Managing the bid function to ensure that the right practices are applied consistently cross the firm;
  • Using intelligence on the target organisation to develop a winning proposition;
  • Developing the bid strategy and a compelling case for being selected;
  • Maximising scores from the evaluation of the submission;
  • Making presentations memorable; and • Improving performance over the longer term.
Winning Proposals will help bid teams to focus on the critical issues affecting the outcome of tenders - and to hone the diverse range of skills involved in achieving the best results.