2019 Call for Speakers

Submission period closed on Dec 7, 2018.

Thank you for your interest in speaking at the 2019 Buying Legal Council Legal Procurement Conferences. Our conferences are powerful platforms for buyers and sellers of legal services to network and learn, share best practices, launch new initiatives, get motivated, and inspire the legal industry as a whole. Our Conferences encourage dialogue, discussion and debate both formally within the sessions and informally.

We seek innovative session proposals that not only speak to the technical issues, but also provide context. Speakers should offer real-world examples, “war stories,” case studies, successes and failures, examples of tools, and insights on emerging issues.

Sessions should be designed to encourage interactive audience participation by including small group discussions, exercises and other activities to interject energy and promote dialogue. We are not looking for lectures, but rather innovative and exciting sessions!

We expect learning objectives for proposed sessions to reflect actions and abilities the attendees can employ from participating in the session. The learning objectives must be clear and measurable. Learning objectives need to complete the following sentence: “After completing this session, the participant will be able to…”.

Buying Legal Council Conferences
  • DACH (7 May 2019 in Frankfurt)
  • EMEA (11 June 2019 in London)
  • APAC (30 July 2019 in Sydney)
  • North America (4 & 5 September 2019 in New York)

Legal Procurement Professionals, Legal Operations, In-house Counsel, Law Firm Managers, Outside Counsel, Consultants, Legal Services Providers, Legal Software Companies, and other stakeholders in the legal industry

  • Data Analytics & Benchmarking for legal services
  • Service Delivery of legal services
  • Tools & Processes for buying legal services
  • Pricing of legal services
  • Change Management
Main types of sessions
We will have different types of sessions. Our most popular ones are 15 and 30 minute sessions.

For our 30 minute sessions, we are looking for speakers who:

  • Have a great story to tell and a passion for sharing your knowledge with others
  • Help solve common legal procurement challenges
  • Provide clear successful use cases, best practices, teachings and how-to’s
  • Highlight the ROI and additional benefits you experienced from using this approach
For our 15 minute TED-style sessions, we are looking for speakers who:

  • Tell a great legal procurement success story
  • Highlight a tip or “trick”
  • Shed new light on a topic and give great new insight

What you should know before you submit your application
Now that you have an idea of what we are looking for, here are a few helpful tips for crafting your speaker submission so that you get selected to speak:

  • Know our audience: sophisticated buyers and sellers of legal services looking for new insights and real solutions for their issues
  • Does your session pass the "So what?" test? Outline your talking points and think about why an attendee should listen to you
  • List what problems you are solving
  • Do not pitch products, companies or services. Submissions contain clear takeaways for the audience
  • Provide case studies or research that will assist our audience in their own business applications
  • What is the take-away or action item the attendee walks away with?
Once you have addressed the above issues you are ready to apply. On the submissions page, be as precise and descriptive as possible - the more direct you are, the easier it is for us to understand exactly what you would like to speak about.

The ideal speaker
  • Is experienced and comfortable speaking in front of a large group of experienced buyers and sellers of legal services
  • Is interested in sharing expertise, real-world strategies and knowledge with other creative professionals
  • Is willing to partner with us to deliver the best possible experience for the audience
  • Is attending the conference and engaging with attendees
  • Is open to helping spread the word about the event

How speakers benefit
  • Complimentary registration to the event
  • Discount passes to share with friends, colleagues, and clients/customers
  • Access to prepared marketing materials to help speakers promote their participation in the event
  • Complimentary access to the Speaker’s Green Room during the event
  • The opportunity to contribute articles to buyinglegal.com before the event
  • Inclusion in pre-conference marketing and editorial coverage as an industry thought leader
  • Access to networking opportunities at the event to connect with fellow speakers, attendees, and exhibiting companies

Important Dates
7 December: Call for Speakers closes
1 February: Applicants notified of speaking status
7 May: DACH conference in Frankfurt
11 June: EMEA conference in London
30 July: APAC conference in Sydney
4 & 5 September: North America conference in New York

To apply for a speaking opportunity, please complete the form.
Submissions are due by noon ET on Friday, 7 December 2018. Entries received after the deadline will be added to our Speakers Database, but not considered by the 2019 Conference Committee. You will be notified by 1 February 2019 if you have been selected.

How we choose speakers
The Conference Committee, comprised of seasoned legal procurement professionals and the leadership of the Buying Legal Council, will review proposals, evaluated them on the following criteria:

  • Subject matter relevance and timeliness
  • Clearly stated learning objectives and purpose
  • Practical application of material
  • Context of the issues including real-world case studies, examples, and stories
  • Potential for audience interactive participation
  • Speaker subject matter knowledge and expertise
  • Speaker industry leadership
  • Education focus devoid of overt and covert commercialism
We expect our speakers to honor their commitment to present the proposed session at the Conference selected.

Speaker expense reimbursement
Please be aware that we are not able to fund speakers’ expenses for travel and lodgings. Most speakers and their companies recognize the importance of being part of the Buying Legal Council’s education events and volunteer by funding their own travel and lodgings. Buying Legal Council education events provide speakers the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise, knowledge and experience, as well as to network with constituents for business development purposes. In appreciation for all the hard work and effort, we offer a complimentary conference registration to all speakers. In addition, we recognize speakers and their companies as “conference supporters” in conference literature distributed to delegates.

For vendor and solution providers looking to promote their product or service at the event, please contact Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein about paid opportunities on the 2019 Buying Legal Council Legal Procurement conferences.