Buying Legal Council® Conferences

Take your career development into your own hands, invest in yourself, and attend Buying Legal Council® conferences:

  • Learn about issues and trends affecting buying legal services and be prepared for tomorrow’s opportunities and tasks

  • Discuss best practices in buying legal services

  • Find solutions to your strategic and operational challenges

  • Meet leaders in the field, network, and make valuable connections

  • Exchange thoughts, experiences and expectations

Join legal procurement and operations professionals, in-house counsel, outside counsel, and law firm executives for professional legal procurement. Learn, network, exchange thoughts and experiences, and open up channels of communication between buyers and sellers of legal services.

Past conferences

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What attendees said about our conferences:

“With the quality of speakers and the packed room it set itself up to be one of the best conference/events I have been to in some time.”

“Thank you for hosting the event yesterday, it gave me a great insight into procurement and AFA's - I learned a lot!”

"The conference was excellent – in terms of both interesting speakers and networking opportunities." 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the conference! As Procurement is just venturing into the realms of legal service provision within [company name] I found the speakers, case studies and workshops very informative… it’s great to take away the learnings from others within the field who have already gone through the process."

"Vielen Dank für die Organisation dieses spannenden Events. Insbesondere die sehr konkreten Projektbeispiele, sowie die Networking Möglichkeiten fand ich sehr hilfreich."

“Congratulations on hosting a super successful conference! The agenda, speakers, location and attendees were all top notch. The attendees were super interactive and that made the event more enriching. I did not want the day to end.”


“I loved the conference and would recommend it to anyone working in this category, I particularly loved the variety of discussion and the actionable insights.”

“This conference had it all. I loved the different perspectives of presenters and attendees from legal operations, procurement and law firms.”

“[I liked] Everything: Quality speakers; great networking; excellent venue; great information shared (e.g., survey results).”

“I love the fact that the conference is predominantly in-house people with few law-firm side folks [like me]. I meet great people, and my relationships with them help our respective employers get along better. We are, ultimately, on the same side, and that sometimes gets lost in the procurement process. This group helps bring it back.”

“[I liked] the variety of perspectives represented by the speakers and attendees, from big law, to legal ops to procurement to service provider. Excellent mix of attendees. Very valuable.”

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the conference. It was very insightful, well attended and very organized. I learned a lot from my peers and especially from the consultants and procurement/in-house folks."


"The mixture of attendees was the perfect blend of people to discuss both sides of the buying and selling process. I enjoyed the meeting and believe it provided real value to the attendees. I found much of the material presented at the conference quite useful, and I liked the fast pace. The speakers were all very well received."

"Thank you very much for putting together the 1-day conference in Chicago. I really enjoyed listening to the varied speakers and getting a view into buying trends of the future."  

"I wanted to reach out and let you know that I thought the Council meeting yesterday was great. It was extremely collaborative, as I believe Council members are becoming more familiar with each other, sharing stories, examples, and experiences within legal sourcing. I absolutely look forward to the upcoming meeting in NY next April."  

"Thanks again for a great program. Very enjoyable. And the content was excellent. Great to see the state of the art and be a part of a growing movement."  

"The composition of speakers, panel discussions, and the workshop was an excellent mix. Great speakers!!!"  

"I really enjoyed the interaction between the law firm professionals and law department professionals. Based on my discussions both sides are dealing with many of the same culture/attorney change issues as it relates to demanding/delivering better legal services."  

"I really enjoyed the variety of presenters and the real debate on key topics The content was fantastic, the speakers were engaging and the networking was great. The mixture of attendees was ideal."

"Well organised, varied audience of Law Firms, GCs, procurement & advisors, well thought out topics & content, good location conducive to networking and chatting etc.”

"What I liked best about the conference? The dynamics of the event: presentations + panels + role play (excellent format for an all day conference). The focus on a particular subject (efficiency): increases the quality of the overall content. And you, asking the panelists to further explain some vague concepts they were using or asking for examples (that was great)."

"I really enjoyed the conference. Great speakers and great content!"

"Very relevant and informative event and look forward to the next."

"What I liked best about the conference? Range of speakers and the variety of presentation - it maintained a really good pace throughout. Very up to date and informative about the profession and what the future looks like. As a legal professional it was good to have an incite at how procurement works and the challenges that procurement teams face - it makes it easier to see where they are coming from during the tender process."

"I wanted to thank you for organizing the conference on Monday. I really gained a lot of information and insight into the challenges that the law firms, internal general counsels, and procurement are having while working to streamline the process of procuring legal services. I think there' a lot of improvement we can make at our company applying the principles I came away with."


"You put together an excellent event, one of the best I have attended. I heard, listened and learned a lot and have brought it back to London along with your new book." 

"I wanted to reach out to you to thank you again for having our team at your conference. We so appreciated the program and the opportunity to meet and learn from business professionals. Hope to attend another conference soon. The opportunity is greatly appreciated and valued. Thank you!" 

"I thought the Buying Legal conference was excellent! Well worth my time to participate. Great speakers, informative content but most of all, a well planned agenda. I was also impressed by the diversity of the attendees, corporate, legal and vendor points-of-view were all represented."   

"Hats off on a very well organized and attended (despite the weather) event. Looking forward to many more."  

"I really enjoyed the conference and welcomed the opportunity to meet so many clients."  

"I enjoyed the conference. It was well structured and quite informative."  

Cancellation and Refund Policy

For all our conferences: Written requests for registration refunds must be received via e-mail one week before the conference. All conference cancellations received on or before that date will receive a full refund less an administrative fee. No refunds will be made after that date (name substitutions only). Refunds are not given for no-shows.