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If you are tasked with sourcing legal services and managing legal services supplier relationships, join the client-side community of legal procurement professionals and become a MEMBER of the Buying Legal Council.
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Membership in the Buying Legal Council® is open to anyone working on the client side: in legal procurement, operations, the legal department at large or other in-house positions.

If you sell (ancillary) legal services and need to better understand legal procurement, become a FRIEND of the Buying Legal Council.
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If you work for a law firm, legal services provider, a software company that sells to buyers of legal services, or consult law firms or sellers of legal services, please become a Friend of the Buying Legal Council. You can join us at our conferences or our Legal Procurement Dialogue calls and sponsor or host our conferences. 

Important for all:
Code of Conduct and Antitrust information

At our conferences, conference calls, and meetings, we only use information that is in the public domain and we:

  • Do not discuss past, current or future prices.

  • Do not discuss what is a fair profit level.

  • Do not discuss an increase or decrease in price.

  • Do not discuss standardizing or stabilizing prices.

  • Do not discuss refusing to deal with a firm because of its pricing practices.

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