Cheat Sheets & Primers

Our Member Resources comprise the largest collection of knowledge on buying of legal, alternative and ancillary legal services and cover a wide range of peer-to-peer learning materials on Legal Procurement best practices. 

Members access our many Cheat Sheets (practical quick study guides), Primers and Templates, Conference Call Videos, Conference and Bootcamp material and more.

We currently have Primers and Templates on the following topics:

  • NEW: Benchmarking  Primer (Access for members here)
  • Legal Spend Management Primer (Download here)
  • Service Delivery Review Primer (Download here)
  • Legal RFPs Template (Access for members here)
  • Engagement Letter Template (Access for members here)
  • eAuctions Primer (Access for members here)
  • Fee Arrangements Primer (Access for members here)
  • Rate Negotiations Primer (Access for members here)
  • Litigation Scoping Primer (Access for members here)

Our 30+ Cheat Sheets are quick study guides on a variety of topics. Access an example: 

  • Legal Procurement 101: Getting Started (Download here)

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