White Papers and Primers

Our Member Resources cover a wide range of peer-to-peer learning materials on Legal Procurement best practices. Members can currently access 54 Conference slides, 45 Conference call slides, 35 Cheat Sheets on Legal Procurement, 26 Recordings of legal procurement conference calls, 8 Vendor showcase recordings, 4 Primers, 2 Videos, and 2 Podcasts.

Here are some examples:

eAuction Primer

More and more companies use reverse electronic auctions for legal services. If you are considering eAuctions, would like additional information about their benefits and how to best use them, click here to download the Preview of the Primer. Members download the full Primer in the Member Resources area.

Service Delivery Review Primer

Most of us do not pay sufficient attention to how legal work gets done. You are rightly concerned with who is doing the work and what you pay for it. With people and price in place, it is process that offers the most levers to drive continuous improvement, especially in the context of long-term supplier relationships. Do not just focus on discounts and write-downs, but address process with your primary providers. Learn how to go about it. 

Download the full Primer here.

Fee Arrangement Primer
We wrote this Primer to help you better understand different fee arrangement possibilities. We discuss what you need to know about their respective advantages and disadvantages. This Primer also gives guidance on how to make “alternative” (or “appropriate”) fee arrangements (AFAs) work for you. The objective of an alternative fee arrangement is to reduce your cost and improve the quality of services delivered to your company and create a sustainable long-lasting relationship with your legal service providers.

Preview the Fee Arrangements (AFAs) Primer here

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Cheat Sheets

Members of the Buying Legal Council® have access to many summary Cheat Sheets on best practices for buying legal services. 

Here are some examples for you to download:

Further examples of Buying Legal Council® Legal Procurement Cheat Sheets:
  • Make Yourself Indispensable
  • How to Drive Change and Impact
  • Build a Better Relationship with the Legal Department
  • Winning Over Your Colleagues in the Legal Department
  • Getting Better Service from Law Firms
  • Win-Win Outcomes (and Relationships)
  • Develop Key Measures for Success
  • Understanding Legal Privilege
  • How to Get Law Firms to Change
  • Getting involved in Litigation
  • Your next RFP: Get more thoughtful answers & better offers
  • Draft better RFPs
  • RFPs Done Right
  • Your next RFP: What Not To Ask
  • Get better Value: Alternatives to RFPs
  • Negotiating with Law Firms
  • Best Practices for Legal Procurement
  • Raise Efficiency of Legal Services
  • Get Lawyers to Apply Business Process Management
  • Quantify Value for Legal Services
  • Six Pricing Action Items
  • A better Pricing Strategy through forming Strategic Alliances
  • Making Sense of Pricing
  • Your next RFP: Get better Pricing Information
  • Say NO to Discounts
  • Success with AFAs
  • Do not introduce AFAs without change management
  • Rein in the Cost of eDiscovery
  • Gaining the Benefits of Legal Artificial Intelligence
  • You Can Measure Value (VRQs)
  • Performance Ratings for Law Firms
  • Improve Performance through Supplier Report Cards

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