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Our market intelligence report provides the most comprehensive insight into the legal category, helping you identify key sourcing opportunities, spend dynamics, and procurement best practices for legal services. 

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Understand the legal marketplace and compare your approach to buying -or selling- legal services with that of your peers


The movement to professional legal services purchasing is accelerating. Legal Procurement now influences 76% of Legal Tech purchases and 62% of ancillary legal services.

“Legal procurement has never been more relevant than today. Cost savings and value are always on procurement’s priority list. With COVID-19, this is truer than ever,” says Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein, CEO of the Buying Legal® Council. “In large companies, Procurement now influences 57% of all legal services. In-house counsel no longer negotiate with their firms. This is Procurement’s task now. This would all have been unthinkable a few years ago. It’s a revolution that starts with analysis and ends in savings and increased value for clients.”

Sophisticated clients who use Legal Procurement today expect their firms to use innovative technology, provide business insight through root cause analysis (where do legal problems stem from?), free access to experts for quick questions, use of project managers, and pre-matter planning sessions. “Legal services providers need to be in tune with what their clients want. Otherwise, they don’t create value and instead waste a lot of money. Our 2021 Legal Procurement Survey shows that clients today have become very advanced buyers. The needs are clear. Winning firms are answering the call.”



The Buying Legal® Council presented a thoroughly researched, comprehensive overview of the legal market through primary and secondary research. We show different aspects of the market that are important when buying and selling legal, alternative, and ancillary legal services.

Primary Research: Surveys among legal procurement professionals, legal sourcing and legal category managers, consultants, industry experts and thought leaders.

Secondary Research: Industry magazines and reports, legal industry webinars, government and industry websites and blogs.