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Dec 18 - 3 min read

    A Year in the Life of a Legal Procurement Professional

    We are here with you every step of the way.

    This legal procurement thing ain't easy.

    It can feel like you're climbing uphill on your elbows. And for what? Those little baby steps of progress? But, oh! those baby steps are so gratifying, and when that partner finally gets it and starts working with you? Kinda makes it all worth it.

    We know none of it is easy — and yet you still showed up with courage and commitment.

    It's been a heck of a year and you, are doing great! How do we know? Cause you're here with us. The fact that you are part of this community tells us that you want to expand your knowledge, ramp up your professional training, and connect with like minded trailblazers.

    And we are here to support you every step of the way. From Controlling Billable Hour Spend When AFAs Aren't An Option to Innovative Options for Financing your Litigation Spend to yesterday's webinar, Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability for Legal Services we produce best practice calls that speak to your development on a weekly basis. Our ever growing online Knowledge Bank puts articles, cheat sheets, primers, videos and surveys mere clicks away.

    2019 will bring more informative events and support that shows up in all kinds of ways, like a new forum which will help you connect with each other so you can ask those sticky questions that only others in Procurement can understand.

    Finally, we thank you once again for spending some of your valuable 2018 time with us. We wish you more and more of those gratifying wins in 2019. Don't forget to celebrate your wins! It helps when you feel like those elbows are getting soar.

    Most of all, we hope we've served you well and we look forward to another year together. Happy 2019!

    We in procurement have big goals, because we know the impact even small changes can make and the ripple effect thereafter. A year in the life of a legal procurement professional is anything but typical but it does have its own ebb and flow patterns that, if you work with it, can help identify when one activity may be be better over another.

    When is the best time to do extra reporting to identify issues? Or the best time to make improvements? What types of activities have consistent intensity throughout the year?

    Procurement teams across various industries operate according to an annual rhythm. Legal procurement takes on a cadence of its own. Listen to the Buying Legal Council's interview with legal procurement expert Magen McClintock. Members can click here for the graphic.

    Books make great gifts! John de Forte's Winning Proposals is a gift that keeps on giving.

    It provides insight into how clients can best manage the bid function, how to establish rules for responding to opportunities, and guides readers through the initial fact-finding and intelligence phase to developing the bid strategy, preparing the submission and presentation. The content is organized as a reference volume with detailed examples and


    Where do you start to consolidate cost? Improve efficiencies? Increase predictability? Monitor budgeting to get the right firms for the right matters at the right price? The Legal Procurement Handbook has answers.

    The Legal Procurement Handbook was published by the Buying Legal Council®, edited by Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein with forewords by Prof. Stephen Mayson & Tom Sager. It includes 27 articles by 27 legal procurement experts.

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