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Why attend? Have an opportunity for you and your team to learn and interact with your peers and to grow professionally. Our case studies and debates will challenge your thinking on how to better buy legal services and legal technology. 

  • Gain cutting-edge actionable industry insights
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8:55 AM: 5 Data Backed-Trends for Legal Procurement: 2023 and Beyond

Buying legal services today is more than cost management; it’s also about achieving company-level objectives, including initiatives such as sustainability, diversity, social responsibility, risk management, and innovation. This keynote will discuss the five key trends driving change in legal procurement for 2023 and beyond.

9:30 AM: Quantifying Value from Legal Department Data

Strategic sourcing begins with GC-conversations that explore possibilities and instill trust that change will deliver predicted outcomes. But how can legal department data create measurable value? Join this session to learn how to quantify the value derived from capturing a range of benefits from the legal department, mastering data, and operating digitally.

10:00 AM: When and How to Leverage Benchmarks to Understand Law Firm Rates & Staffing Trends

How do your law firms stack up against the rest of the market? Are they staffing your matters efficiently? And are you really getting as good of a rate as your firm claims?Without smart rate benchmarks on your side, these aren't easy questions to answer. This insightful discussion dives into When and How to Leverage Benchmarks to Understand Law Firm Rates & Staffing Trends. Smart rate benchmarks can have a transformative impact on how you run your legal department. Find out how to leverage these insights to:Negotiate more fair market rates; Optimize matter staffing; Drive strategic decisions; Manage budget dollars and law firm relationships effectively.

10:35 AM: Expert Q&A

Expert buyers and board members of the Buying Legal® Council lead this Expert Q&A.


11:15 AM: Game-Changing Data: The Who What When and How of Metrics to Support Your Business

Buyers know that data matters, but the “who” (provides), “what” (is included), “when” (is it provided), “where” (does it live), “why” (is it important), and “how” (is it gathered and communicated) are such sticky questions that many efforts are hindered before they even begin. Join thought leaders from a legal department, a law firm, and a legal technology company for a candid look at how they worked together to answer these questions to support the business, measure ROI, track diversity metrics and conduct pricing analysis with their valued partners.

11:45 AM: Balancing the Transactional and Relational in the Data-Driven World

In today’s data-driven world companies have allocated substantial resources to capture and leverage data, insights, intelligence, and knowledge. This data pours in from numerous sources: customers, financial records, documents, social media, websites, and much more. But numbers are meaningless without context. Join us as we explore how strong partner relationships and the human touch help find and translate the numbers that animate our world.


12:15 PM: Expert Q&A

Expert buyers and board members of the Buying Legal® Council lead this Expert Q&A.

12:30 PM: NETWORKING LUNCHEON listen to a candid conversation between a legal procurement manager and a law firm marketing director on the Sense and Nonsense of RFPs.

1:30 PM: Contract Management Plans: How Strategy Can Improve Your Contract Procedures and Technology Adoption

Legal departments are often forced to make decisions about contracts quickly, without doing a deep dive on what is best for their needs. As a result, legal departments and procurement teams are facing immediate problems in the wake of the pandemic that threaten to delay or derail long-term, comprehensive contract procedures and plans. These problems can only be solved by building a comprehensive, resilient, business-aligned strategy based on technology and desired business outcomes such as better contract creation and management, tracking outside counsel work and billing, or tracking DE&I commitments of vendors. You will learn how to collaborate with legal leaders on: Initiating resilient goal-driven legal technology strategies for achieving business outcomes through contract procedures; Building a complete understanding of how technology can improve the contracting process; Identifying the necessary KPIs for continuous improvement; Unifying a team to focus on the technology that can solve contract management problems in both the near and long term.

2:00 PM: What Lies Beneath (Your Contracts): Strategically Leveraging Your Contract Data

The information in an organization's contracts is its lifeblood. But once executed, contract data is often forgotten, and in any case it is an underutilized asset. With the wave of contract management systems implementations, upgrades and process rethinks now sweeping the industry, it's time to leverage contract data strategically to: Identify and mitigate risks, Reduce revenue leakage, Accelerate time to revenue recognition, and Reduce attrition. Hear from a panel of experts to learn how their organizations derived actionable insights from contract analysis.

2:30 PM: Expert Q&A

Expert buyers and board members of the Buying Legal® Council lead this Expert Q&A.


3:00 PM: Boosting Your Procurement Superpowers: How to Choose the Right Solution

Deciding which technology solution is the right one for your organization is a complex process. How can you make sure that you're making the right decisions and armed with the right information? Boost your Procurement Superpowers and get practical guidance on how to improve and hone in on your research processes, how to prevent investment mistakes, and how to ensure that you are procuring the solution that is the best match for the needs of your end users.

3:30 PM: Rethinking External Legal Resourcing Through Data and Creative Thinking

This session highlights the journey of using data and innovation in a large corporation: Shifting the thinking of preferred counsel program panel and overall outside counsel spends through data and creative thinking, resulting in world class program development.


4:00 PM: Expert Q&A

Expert buyers and board members of the Buying Legal® Council lead this Expert Q&A.


4:30 PM: DEIB Success Stories

The BLC DEIB Working Group presents an engaging Fireside Chat to share insights into different organizations’ successful DEIB journeys and how to partner to make an impact for industry diversity progress. Hear about what is needed to build a more inclusive work environment internally and with external legal partners.  

5:15 PM: Playing "MONEY BALL" with "White Collar Athletes"

Utilizing data analytics for better team outcomes in the modern age of managing professionals and professional services.

5:30 PM: 2022 Legal Procurement Awards

Announcing and Celebrating the Winners of the 2022 Legal Procurement Awards!


Network and celebrate with your peers and colleagues, with new and old Friends! Enjoy the food and drinks.
















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