There is a new approach to buying legal services and the new way forward is the mission

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                                                                                         The Weekly Brief

Dear Member,

A legal panel can help you optimize your services and get the best value for your legal spend while affording you the opportunity to collaborate with external lawyers for a unique learning experience.

Should you set up a legal panel?

If your organization has fragmented legal spend and retains many (sometimes hundreds!) of legal services providers, it is time to work with your in-house counsel and colleagues in legal operations to set up a panel of “preferred providers”: a smaller number of firms, law companies, alternative legal services providers, and perhaps legal process outsourcing companies. The idea is to work with strategic partners that allow for better management, deeper relationships, more responsive service, -- and cost savings.  

We've just posted a new resource in our Knowledge Bank:

Legal Panels: 10 Rules for SuccessClick here to read on.


Questions about GDPR? 

We all know that the GDPR are the "rules for the protection of personal data inside and outside the EU" but do you fully understand what it governs? Rules on international data transfers? What constitutes data processing? Or most importantly, how it affects you?

We have invited Tracy Weir and Dawn Maruna of Baker Donelson for our upcomingLegal Lesson -- TOMORROW 3 April --  to help clear things up and answer all your questions. 

Our Legal Lessons series help close the knowledge gap. They are 60-minute live webinars on a variety of legal topics and legal systems that will help you become a better, more sophisticated buyer of legal services.  

If you have questions on GDPR don't miss our Legal Lesson: Tomorrow 3 April 2019 at 11:00AM EST.

Members should have received an email invitation. If you haven't please contactDoria. 


Join us for our next Best Practice Call with Geraint Evans who will discuss how buyers and seller can help each other.

Our Next Best Practice Call: 10 April 2019

Members should have received an email invitation. If you haven't please contactDoria. 


Do you want to to increase your chances of winning proposals?

Join us for the Winning Proposals RFP Workshop.

A BLC conference may be the most important conference you attend this year. 

We know there are many conferences available to you, but allow us a moment to clarify why Buying Legal® conferences stand apart. 


The heart of our 2019 conferences is equipping you with the information you need to make better buying decisions. We've assembled some of the best industry leaders/experts to provide realtime strategies to meet you where you are and advise on future predictions. 

  • Strategies on joining forces with legal ops.
  • How data can help you get what you need from senior C-suites.
  • Relationship building and getting them on your side.



Buying Legal® Council Conferences are not to be missed! If you want to sharpen your legal procurement skills, get the latest information and meet more of your colleagues, this is the place! It is the only place you will learn of the latest trends and is the highest concentration of legal procurement professionals in the world!

DACH (7 May 2019 in Frankfurt)
EMEA (11 June 2019 in London)
APAC (30 July 2019 in Sydney)
Americas (5 September 2019 in New York)

EMEA Pricing Workshop

Sign up for the Pricing Workshop (the day after the EMEA Conference) and save! We offer a bundle price for those signing up to both the conference and the workshop. Click here for all the details.

Click here for all the details.


 XCEL ENERGY - Outside Legal Services Manager and BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO - Global Sourcing Manager, Professional Services. For a detailed description of each, head on over to our Careers Page for all the info.