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Buying legal services should be part of any organization’s procurement department responsibilities. With the help of The Definitive Guide to Buying Legal Services organizations will know how to buy legal services better and get the most value. It shows what works and what does not

“This is the one title that every legal buyer should read and have on their bookshelf. It is both a get smart fast book and a reference to the best practices used today,” says Buying Legal® Council CEO and book editor Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein.

The book was authored by the world’s leading legal procurement and legal ops practitioners and consultants .

Says Prof. Stephen Mayson: “This book offers a wealth of insights into how the buying and procurement process is conceived and managed, and therefore what might be more effective. Now, more than ever, anyone involved in buying or selling legal services must read it.”

Book chapters include:

  • Designing a sourcing strategy

  • Identifying the right firms and providers and Soliciting proposals

  • Understanding pricing of legal services

  • Assessing and negotiating with firms and providers

  • Managing firms and providers

Readers can use the book in multiple ways, including a complete cover-to-cover read, reference key topics needed at the moment, or source “forms, methodologies, and best practices” relevant for the issues of today.

The book is written by experts in each category from around the world:

Haley Crain Carter, Pamela Cone, Stephanie Corey, Dr. Orazio Difruscolo, Sandy Duncan, Adrienne Fox, Steph Hogg, Kelly Hotchkiss, Anja Jähnel, Susan Krasaway, Tina Ksienzyk, Caroline O’Grady, Richard Stock,Yannis Theile, Nick Williams, Jason Winmill, Lynsey Wood, and Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein. With forewords by Prof. Stephen Mayson and former DuPont GC Tom Sager.

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Book stats:

250 pages, 6" x 9" format

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