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Bill Novomisle: 3 Types of Innovation in Legal Services

Bill Novomisle (KorumLegal Consulting) discusses the three core categories of innovation -- market creating innovation, sustaining innovation, and efficiency innovation -- and how it applies to the legal industry. New markets in the legal industry can mean new customers, new channels or new services; Sustaining innovations that add value can include self service tools and risk management tools; Efficiency innovation comprises of efficiency in the supply chain, efficiency in getting to the solution, and efficiency in the usability of the solution. Bill also provides suggestions on how and where to begin innovating in the legal industry.

Prof. Dr. Bruno Mascello: Innovation in the Legal Industry

Prof. Dr. Bruno Mascello (Universität St. Gallen/Switzerland) discusses innovation in the legal industry: He shares his thoughts on developing ideas that satisfy a need and provide value, on change management and innovation in law firms and legal departments, and legal tech startups.

Dr. Larry Richard: What Makes Lawyers Tick? A Guide to Understanding the Lawyer Personality

Dr. Larry Richard (LawyerBrain LLC) is an expert on improving lawyer performance through personality science. This video provides a guide to understanding the lawyer personality. He explains the seven outlier lawyer traits -- high skepticism, high abstract reasoning, high urgency, high autonomy, low sociability, low resilience, low cognitive empathy -- and gives advices for those having to work with lawyers: How do you get lawyers to do things (and NOT do other things)?

Bill Novomisle: 3 Major Movements in Contracting Technology

Bill Novomisle (KorumLegal Consulting) discusses the three major movements in contracting technology: Automated contract lifecycle management; Smart contracts (Distributed Ledger Technology-enabled self executing contracts); and Artificial Intelligence-assisted contract review and negotiation. Which solution is best for you?