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Year: 2020

1January, 2020
Jan 15 How SALI Legal Matter Specification Standard (LMSS) helps you specify matters to identify the best resources for legal procurement with Jim Hannigan and Adam Stock
Jan 21 Pricing Legal Services Master Class - Module 1 Procurement Strategy and Scope of Work
Jan 22 Actionable cost data: What it is; why you want it; how you use it with Catherine Krow (Digitory Legal)
Jan 23 Pricing Legal Services Master Class - Module 2 RFPs, Invitations for Strategic Partnering and Evaluating Proposals
Feb 05 Virtual Legal Procurement Roundtable
Feb 11 Pricing Legal Services Master Class - Module 3 Non-Hourly Fee Arrangements and Negotiations to Arrive at a Fair Price
Feb 13 Pricing Legal Services Master Class - Module 4 Why ROIs and LPMs Matter; Managing the Transitions; and Innovation
Feb 26 A Panel Journey Experience – Crawl, Walk, Run with Reggie Plac (American Family Insurance)
Mar 04 Activity-Collared AFAs with David Falstein
Mar 18 Legal Procurement 101 - Getting Started
Apr 08 Legal Procurement Dialogue Q1 with Lisa Khan, Director Strategic Sourcing (Alexion Pharmaceuticals)
Apr 22 Special Session for Members & Friends: Corporate Supplier Diversity - How Corporations are making a difference for Legal Services
Apr 29 How efficient are your legal suppliers? The evolving role of Procurement in driving cost savings AND efficiency when buying legal services with Matthew Peacock (OMC Partners)
May 20 Improving the Procurement Process Using Lean Six Sigma with Lourdes Slater (Karta Legal)
May 27 Agile (Legal) Tech Vendor Selection - Learning from other IT Categories with Hervé Legenvre, PhD (EIPM) and Andressa Reis (Heineken)
Jun 30 Social Impact and Sustainability: Expert Roundtable with Adam Roy Gordon, Arnaud Brohé, Carol Kazmer Liffman, and Pamela Cone
Jul 02 Social Impact and Sustainability: Peer-to-Peer Roundtable with Kelly Hotchkiss, Tom Harvey, and Pamela Cone
Sep 09 Real Innovation through Client-Firm Collaboration - Matter Intake Automation with Toby Brown (Perkins Coie)
Sep 16 Efficiency & Productivity: Expert Roundtable with Bernard Gracia, Bruno Mascello, and Lon Povich
Sep 23 INSIGHTS: Q4 2020/Q1 2021 - What can we expect? An industry intelligence overview with Jeff Grossman
Sep 30 Efficiency & Productivity: Peer-to-Peer with Andy Krebs, Jennifer Black-Sherman, Mo Zain Ajaz, and Tina Ksienzyk
Oct 07 Cost Management: Expert Roundtable with Akshay Verma, Michael Rynowecer, Olaf van der Linden, and Stephanie Corey
Oct 08 Winning Proposals 2.0: RFP Master Class for Sellers - Module 1
Oct 14 Lessons from Procurement of (other) Professional Services with Cliff Mahoney (LVMH)
Oct 15 Winning Proposals 2.0: RFP Master Class for Sellers - Module 2
Oct 21 Cost Management: Peer-to-Peer with Matt Lundin, Mark Hannay, Lisa Khan, and Andie Lam
Oct 22 Winning Proposals 2.0: RFP Master Class for Sellers - Module 3
Oct 28 Strategic Partnering with JeanMarie Campbell (Baker McKenzie)
Oct 29 Winning Proposals 2.0: RFP Master Class for Sellers - Module 4
Nov 04 What your GC needs from procurement now with Jennifer Warner, GC and Chief Administrative Officer
Nov 11 Automation of Work/New Technology: Expert Roundtable with Bill Novomisle, Shamus Rae, and Tim Corcoran
Nov 18 Lessons Learned from Post-Merger Integration of Legal Resources with Gina Patierno (AXA XL insurance)
Dec 02 Automation of Work/New Technology: Peer-to-Peer with Andy Krebs, Lisa Khan, Mo Zain Ajaz, and Orazio Difruscolo