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                 Published: May 2020   Pages: 57

Our market intelligence report provides the most comprehensive insight into the legal category, helping you identify key sourcing opportunities, spend dynamics, and procurement best practices for legal services.

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How is your organization dealing with COVID-19? Top 3 answers:

        1. Cut all non-essential costs
        2. Extension of payment terms
        3. Push non-urgent work to a later date



As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, countless legal challenges are likely to arise.

Remain informed about the developments and gain practical insights with Bloomberg Law's CORONAVIRUS - IN FOCUS.

Our friends from Stroock have established a multi-disciplinary task force focused on coronavirus-related issues to provide proactive business guidance. Here are some of the insights:

Commercial Contracts

Business losses and disruptions tied to the outbreak may cause extensive contractual disputes in varied industry sectors. Many of these disputes will likely center on whether the outbreak constitutes a force majeure or other occurrence that may excuse a party from contractual obligations. Parties to contracts potentially affected by the outbreak should proactively analyze their specific rights and obligations, and seek guidance to formulate a comprehensive plan of action.

General Litigation

As the COVID-19 outbreak has the potential to lead to difficulties in numerous areas, it will likely give rise to varied disputes as debts go unpaid or contracts are terminated. Parties to potential disputes should assess their litigation risks and requirements in all areas in which they operate.


Employers may face expansive legal challenges stemming from the outbreak, affecting numerous aspects of their operations. These challenges may impact policies involving work from home, sick-leave and dependent care arrangements, or employer workplace safety obligations, or procedures governing employee relocation and jobs that require travel. The outbreak could create the need to revisit employee confidentiality and data-privacy needs as well, and employers should prepare for potential challenges involving labor relations and anti-discrimination laws.


Virus-related business losses may raise numerous intricacies related to insurance coverage, and organizations should prepare for complex disputes as courts closely examine policy language. For example, supply chain-related losses can trigger claims for business interruption coverage, but those policies often require physical damage to cause the loss. Parties to insurance contracts should closely revisit their language and formulate action plans in light of the outbreak.

For more information, please click here and access Stroock’s Special Bulletin “Steps to Consider as Coronavirus Spreads”.

Please take the necessary precautions and stay safe!

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Get the most comprehensive market overview. Our Market Intelligence Report provides insights into the legal category, helping you identify key sourcing opportunities, spend dynamics, and procurement best practices for legal services. Click here for more information

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