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 Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein 


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Silvia has been a part of the legal industry since 2002. She has worked for EAN International (now GS1), the global standards organization in supply chain management, as well as for law firms and legal software companies. 

 Silvia co-authored the Harvard Business School case studies GlaxoSmithKline: Sourcing   Complex Professional Services (N9-414-003) on the company’s legal procurement initiative and Riverview Law: Applying Business Sense to the Legal Market (N9-414-079) on a new model law firm that uses management information systems and cause analysis to reduce legal costs for its clients. 

She is the author of many articles on law firm management including "What we Know and Need to Know about Legal Procurement" in the South Carolina Law Review and The Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics’ “I didn't go to law school to become a salesperson.” She also authored and edited a number of books, including the Legal Procurement Handbook and Buying Legal: Procurement Insights and Practice. The Buying Legal Council also publishes Winning Proposals: The Essential Guide for Law Firms and Legal Services Providers.

Silvia is a Lecturer in Law at Columbia Law School where she pioneered courses in law firm management. She is a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management.

She earned her PhD at Nottingham Law School (UK) and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Universität Bayreuth (Germany) and Warwick Business School (UK) as well as an Undergraduate Degree in Economics from Universität Bayreuth (Germany).  Silvia is fluent in English, German, Italian, and can converse in French and Spanish.

 Simone Claudia
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Simone is passionate about facilitating change within the industry. The old law firm model is like owning a Filofax in a world currently dominated by smart phones. Business is moving quickly, actually more efficiently, and so too should their legal services providers.

Simone is fluent in English and Italian.

Doria Delgado-Thompson

Executive Assistant

Connect with Doria

Doria is the Executive Assistant for the Buying Legal Council. She brings over six years of experience in Digital Marketing coupled with a background in customer service. She is fluent both in English and Spanish. 

Doria helps the team dream up cool ideas and put them into practice by arranging the right resources. She keeps our  office organized and supports Buying Legal Members and Friends, Doria is fluent in English and Spanish. 

  Natalia Savitcaia

  Conference Organiser

  Connect with Natalia

  Natalia has many years of experience in international conferences and events. She is passionate about connecting people and making professional environment a real fun place.

For almost ten years she has been leading global events including annual conferences, round tables, award ceremonies, workshops, webinars, annual masterclasses, executive summer schools, etc. She also led the European Institute of Purchasing Management's EIPM Club, which was created to help companies anticipate future trends and improve performance in purchasing and supply chain fields. Today she still collaborates with the EIPM as an external consultant.

Natalia joined us in October 2019 and is striving to make sure our events run smoothly and your event experience is unforgettable. Natalia speaks French, Russian, English, German, Greek, and Romanian.