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Legal Procurement is often referred to as “the last frontier” for procurement as legal services used to be excused from in-depth cost analyses and professional management exercised in all other parts of the organization.Today, legal is no longer exempt. Best practices for buying legal services are applied.

In organizations with very large legal spend procurement now works with in-house counsel and legal operations and supports them in the areas of strategic sourcing and supplier management. 

Given the complexity of the category and the relative newness of the topic, even seasoned procurement professionals need the right tools and information to get up to speed and quickly become successful and productive in the legal category.

In organizations where overall legal spend is not large enough to necessitate bringing legal procurement specialists, in-house counsel and legal operations professionals are advised to use procurement best practices for buying legal services. 


How you handle the first 100+ days in the legal category will be crucial for your success as it sets the tone for building the necessary trust with your colleagues as well as the providers of legal services.

The Buying Legal® Council will be your most critical companion and help you get started, build better relationships and learn how to earn your colleagues' trust, ensure that you become indispensable, are able to drive change and impact, get more value and better service from the law firms and legal services providers etc.

You are also in the right place if you need to learn how to best work with legal procurement and be a useful resource for your clients. Understand what procurement values, what their challenges are, and what keeps them up at night. You will be a better provider and are more likely to become a valued partner.

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