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September 5, 2018

New York, NY  – The Buying Legal Council, the international trade organization for legal procurement, announced today the winners of the 2018 Legal Procurement Awards at the North America Legal Procurement conference. 

2018 Award Winner Innovation: GSK; Runner-up: BT (with Elevate Services)
2018 Award Winner Process Improvement: Walmart; Runner-up: GSK
2018 Award Winner Collaboration: General Mills (with BanyanRFP); Runner-up: Turkcell
2018 Award Winner Best Use of Technology: DXC Technology (with UnitedLex); Runner-up: Jaguar Land Rover North America (with Onit)
2018 Award Winner Teamwork: NetApp (with Mitratech and Keesal, Young & Logan); Runner-up: CLEP-UK National Police (with Proxima)


2018 Award Winner Innovation: GSK
Already a winner of the 2017 Legal Procurement Innovation award, GSK continues to demonstrate its leadership role in changing how corporations engage and retain external legal services. This initiative brought should cost analysis to GSK’s employment litigation matters. The impact of the project was immediate and allowed GSK to innovate in this space. While this project in isolation is significant and pioneering, at the Buying Legal Council, we believe should-cost analysis will be applicable to most legal subgroup and types of matters and as such shows all of us the way forward.
Runner Up: BT (with Elevate Services)
BT’s Legal Management Team and Counsel Management Team created a best practice spend management initiative, an end-to-end support for high value, matter-level services to its in-house counsel. The collaborative efforts between the various stakeholders, the right combination and use of data, analytics, knowledge, training and tools have created a solid baseline for innovation and ongoing sustained value and helped achieve a significant ROI and reduction in spend. The change management approach developed was equally important: BT’s lawyers bought into this service due to the deliberate use of the ‘enable and extend’ approach rather than ‘forced procurement’. We all hope that this approach will become best practice that other organizations use in the legal departments. 

2018 Award Winner Process Improvement: Alan Bryan (Walmart)
Alan Bryan created a uniform and centralized process for engaging law firms. After years of “siloed” engagements among practice areas, yielding incongruent terms on a multitude of agreements, he created an engagement letter governing all law firm assignments and developed a rate card protocol that every company timekeeper needed to complete. This process improvement added defined rate durations, created uniform agreements, standardized procurement practices, and is projected to save Walmart tens of millions of dollars over time. 
Runner-up: GSK
GSK has developed, implemented and embedded a robust process to place 85% of all external spend with Outside Counsel and Ancillary Service Providers under Alternative Billing or Fee Arrangements, and provides budget owners with a clear methodology on how savings are achieved. This process has evolved significantly since it was first established in 2008, is endorsed by the General Counsel and has become a personal performance measurement for GSK Managing Attorneys. GSK is viewed as a leader in changing the way the industry conducts business with Outside Counsel, moving away from traditional hourly fee arrangements. The winning aspects were the size of the achieved AFAs, the size of the benefit, the scale of the coaching required, the level of alignment between legal, procurement and finance, the unlocking of additional tools e.g. reverse auctions, and the willingness to share the approach with peers to build wider capability and benefit in the industry. 

2018 Award Winner Collaboration: General Mills (with BanyanRFP)
General Mills’ panel review is an excellent example of collaboration: The initiative’s success was based on the legal and procurement departments agreeing to shared objectives and common goals and executing to them. Although the General Mills legal department understood the value a panel review could offer, on its own, it was not resourced to effectively execute one. With procurement’s process discipline and the expertise of BanyanRFP, a historically cumbersome, time-consuming and difficult process was executed in six months and netted General Mills better counsel selections, market pricing and millions of dollars of savings. 
Runner-up: Turkcell
Turkish telecommunications company Turkcell introduced a bold, highly cost-effective legal follow up process that also generated income. By applying technology, Turkcell was able to meet all possible needs of the company, while being user-friendly for law firms and easy to operate with bulk files. Turkcell improved both the process quality and amount of collection, handling a delicate process that took into consideration the fact that the other party were previous, existing or potential customers. The initiative generated additional income for Turkcell and complied with the relevant regulations. It underlines commercial sense to look at the combination of an original claim, the settlement value as well as the investment in legal fees. 

2018 Award Winner Best Use of Technology: DXC Technology (with UnitedLex)
The partnership with enterprise legal services provider UnitedLex transformed DXC Technology’s law department, helped drive down cost by 30% and enhanced its operating performance. This industry-first initiative is a great example of a truly integrated approach of technology applications across a complex multi-national enterprise going through a merger. DXC’s goal was to provide seamless, end-to-end, technology-enabled legal support for transactions, contracts, legal operations, litigation, immigration, and other functions across 26 global jurisdictions. 
Runner-up: Jaguar Land Rover North America (with Onit)
Jaguar Land Rover North America’s technology ‘makeover’ enabled the legal department to spend less time on tasks associated with reviewing and processing invoices, save money on legal fees by better managing outside counsel billing practices and rates, create a one-stop shop for all matter information and updates, maintain a document repository for all executed contracts, resolutions, and important documents, and gain visibility into all areas of reporting for all types of litigation and outside counsel spend. 

2018 Award Winner Teamwork: NetApp (with Mitratech & Keesal, Young & Logan)
NetApp streamlined a disjointed, labor-intensive document collection process that was vulnerable to human error by partnering with Keesal, Young & Logan (KYL) and leveraging Mitratech’s TAP Workflow Automation platform. As a result, NetApp implemented an automated workflow that evolved into a model for further joint approaches across the organization that tackled complex problems in the legal department and resulted in annual savings of $2M+ and 5.7x ROI. 
Runner-Up: CLEP-UK National Police (with Proxima)
The UK National Police initiative helped coordinate complex legal spend beyond organizational silos. A Police National Commercial Board (NCB) was established to support the development and implementation of strategies for delivering efficiencies across a number of business areas. A Collaborative Law Enforcement Procurement (CLEP) initiative, assigned with maximizing appropriate collaborative opportunities by standardizing specifications; aggregating demand; and implementing national approaches to contract management in high spend categories representing a spend of £1.7bn p.a. In one year, 42 Category Briefs were created with 12 Strategies being finalized. Legal Services started to optimize and modernize legal services procurement through due diligence to understand existing practices and translate these to a single model of category management. The tenacity of the various stakeholders is commendable and their efforts have proven there are many more gains to be obtained. 

"Our goal is to identify and acknowledge best-in class leaders in Legal Procurement,” says Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein, executive director of the Buying Legal Council. “Each award winner and runner-up not only succeeded in their respective area, but also surpassed the current status quo of the discipline. These leaders in legal procurement are at the forefront of new developments. Their advances inspire all of us and we all do well learning from them.” 

Submissions for the awards were entered in a blind peer-review. All decisions were made unanimous among the judges, all of them legal procurement professionals.


The Buying Legal Council Legal Procurement Awards showcase the advances in legal procurement and legal procurement best practices. They honor those who are at the forefront of new developments and inspire others. 

The goal is to identify and acknowledge the best industry initiatives in five areas of legal procurement, including Innovation, Collaboration, Teamwork, Best Use of Technology, and Process Improvement.

Legal procurement professionals from any industry and country can participate by submitting a detailed description of their project: From the project goal, strategy and implementation to the results of the project as well as budget and return on investment. 

Who was able to participate? 

Any client-side professional involved in sourcing of legal services and managing supplier relationships was able to submit their project. Legal procurement consultants and other services providers were only able to submit their project together with their client.

Which projects qualified?

We have five different Award categories:
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Teamwork
  • Best Use of Technology
  • Process Improvement
Submissions had to relate to projects conducted in 2017/2018. 

When could you participate?

The submission deadline was July 16, 2018.
The results were made public at the North America conference in New York on September 5, 2018. 

How did you participate?

Participants filled in an online form. Only complete entry forms were accepted and evaluated. The US$100 processing fee had to be paid in full before the deadline. 

What information did you need to submit?

We required the following information: Synopsis of the project, Project goal, Strategy, Implementation, Results, ROI and Budget, and Why you? Each area had a minimum and maximum word count.

How were the submissions evaluated?

Submissions for the awards were entered in a blind peer-review. All decisions were made unanimous among the judges, all of them legal procurement professionals.

What were the criteria for evaluation?

Each Award category had different evaluation criteria.


The winning team/individual provided an innovation to its organization that had significant impact on cost reduction, reduction of legal spend or performance efficiency. This Award recognizes individuals that are adapt at anticipating, embracing and implementing that change.

Focus on a specific project or initiative which was finalized successfully.
The innovation should represent a new and creative approach or process that created value for the organization and improved performance. 


The collaboration award is given to an individual or legal procurement team who conducted a successful project or initiative, for its excellent collaboration with another function from the same organization (cross-functional) or with an external partner.
The team successfully accomplished goals, was an honest and dependable player who contributed to group collaboration. The people involved showed empathy and respect for others and built and maintained good working relationships with internal stakeholders, other functions and external legal-services providers. 

Focus on a specific project or initiative which was finalized successfully.
Focus on the role played by the Procurement professional or team in the collaboration and how this has successfully influenced the outcome.


The winning team worked together to achieve a significant goal.
They enhanced the image of the buying legal profession by setting and achieving the highest standards of excellence in their business. 
They added value to their organization and improved their performance for the benefit of their stakeholders.

Focus on team presentation (diversity, skills, background etc.) and the achieved goal.
Focus on the key challenges the team has met to achieve the goal.


The winning team/individual used technology in an innovative way to improve performance and/or efficiency (e.g. collaborated most effectively, improved cost transparency, monitored budgets, and created legal analytics).

Focus on both the high quality of the legal procurement work and the innovative use of technology.


The winning team/individual has set up a successful process improvement initiative: Processes have been upgraded or changed, resulting in demonstrable improvements to business outcomes. 

Focus on a specific project or initiative which was finalized successfully.
Focus on outcome/project result.

What was the prize?

Award winners received a trophy, certificate, and logo for use on their marketing materials or website. Honorable Mentions received a certificate and logo for use on their marketing materials or website.

Further Rules:

  • All entries had be submitted online through a form.
  • Judges' decisions are final and awards will be given at their discretion. If the criteria have not been meet, judges may decide to not nominate a winner in any of the categories. 
  • Content submitted in the "Synopsis" section may be used publicly. The content and its publication must hence be lawful and not confidential.
  • Entrants will be deemed to have accepted all rules and procedures on this page and to have agreed to be bound by them when entering this competition.

For questions or media inquiries, please contact Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein at