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2019 Americas Conference in New York:

Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein (Buying Legal Council): Legal Procurement Trends 

Ari Kaplan:  Innovation is Dead. Long Live Innovation. How Practical Innovation is Aligning Law Firm Initiatives with Corporate Legal Expectations.

Dr. Guenther Dobrauz (PwC):  Connecting your Data and Strategy for the Best ROI

Adam Minielly (Osler): Framing, Anchoring and Data Biases - What Influences Pricing Decisions?

Adrienne Fox (Novartis), Milly Parekh (Johnson & Johnson), Joel Stern (NAMWOLF), Erin Hichman (Diversity Lab), Kimberly Brown Blacklow (Cleary Gottlieb), Jonathan Lovitz (NGLCC): How to Buy More Diverse and Inclusive in the Legal Category

Jeff Grossman (Citi Private Bank):  The State of the Legal Industry

Catherine Krow (Digitory Legal):  The Transformative Power of Data - How to Dig in and Do Better

Vandana Dhamija (Legal Operations Consulting):  Working with Outside Counsel for the Best ROI

Pamela Cone (Amity Advisory):  Procurement for Greater Good (CSR)

Madhav Srinivasan (Hunton Andrews Kurth):  Law Firm Profitability: Getting Getting behind the Headlines

Richard Stock (Catalyst Consulting):  Pricing Multi-Year Portfolio of Both Complex and Regular Legal Work

Raj Goyle (Bodhala):  An Introduction to a Healthy and Competitive Legal Marketplace

Matt Beekhuizen (Greenberg Traurig): Data-Driven Portfolio Agreements

2019 APAC Conference in Sydney:

Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein (Buying Legal Council): Legal Procurement Trends

Richard Burcher (Validatum):  It Isn't Just About the Numbers

Neil Sahota:  Own the A.I. Revolution: Creating the Future of Legal Services Procurement

Christopher Clements (KPMG):  Legal Procurement Forecast: The Global Trends Re-Designing the Procurement and Management of Legal Services

Michelle Mahoney (King & Wood Mallesons):  The Evolution of Data in Delivery of Legal Services

Joanne Rees and Emma Walters (Allygroup):  Legal Project Management for In-House Lawyers

Tim Corcoran (Corcoran Consulting Group): "Play" in Three Acts: Incorporating Business Discipline into the Legal Function

Prof. Dan Hunter (Swinburne Law School):  From Big Data to Machine Learning in the GC's Office

Nigel Lowry (Ausgrid): Executing Transformation of a Legal Function

Warwick Walsh & Sacha Kirk (both Lawcadia):  Design Thinking - Removing Conscious and Unconscious Bias in Decision-Making


2019 EMEA Conference in London:

Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein (Buying Legal Council): Legal Procurement Trends

Prof. Stephen Mayson:  Regulation of Legal Tech and AI and the Impact on Buying Legal Services

Stephen Denyer and Sophie Adams-Bhatti (The Law Society): What Impact is LawTech Having on the Traditional Relationship Between In-house Counsel and Law Firms?

Dr. Orazio Difruscolo (Swiss Re): AI Beyond the Hype

Caroline O‘Grady and StaceyCoote (Coote O‘Grady):  Global Legal eDiscovery/eDisclosure: World-Class Engagement and Savings

Jane Challoner (CMS): Why Don’t Clients Push Firms Harder on Innovation and Legal Tech?

Pamela Cone (Amity Advisory): Legal Procurement & CSR: Procurement for the Greater Good

Antoni Chrysostomou (BusyLamp): 10 ways eBilling can help your business (and you)

2019 DACH Conference in Frankfurt (in German):

Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein (Buying Legal Council): Einsichten der Buying Legal Services Research

Dr. Thomas Schoenfeld (PwC): Block Chain - More than a hype?

Dr. Michael Koebele (KIA Motors Europe): Werkstattbericht: Legal Procurement ohne Procurement

Nina Endres, LL.M. & Patrick Jouvenal (Deutsche Bahn AG): Werkstattbericht: Legal Spend Management - Ein neues Konzept der Deutschen Bahn

Prof. Dr. Bruno Mascello, LL.M. (Universität St. Gallen): Kundenorientierung und Vertrauensbeziehung

Dr. David Schneider (Bayer AG): Werkstattbericht: Legal Procurement @ Bayer

Richard Burcher (Validatum & Legal Pricing Academy): Legal Services Pricing

Sebastian Englich (SAP): Brückenschlag - Sind Juristen so besonders? Wie Einkaufsabteilungen außerhalb der Rechtsbranche arbeiten und warum das erfolgreich ist für Unternehmen

Dr. Manuel Meder (BusyLamp): Aktuelle Entwicklungen im Bereich Legal Spend Management

André Körtgen (Thales): Werkstattbericht: Die Transformierung der Rechtsabteilung

Olaf van der Linden (Allotrope): Werkstattbericht: Data-Driven Collaboration

2018 North America Conference in New York:

Silvia Hodges Silverstein (Buying Legal Council): Insights from the 2018 Legal Procurement Survey

Benno Quade (Software AG): Legal Spend Management: Go your Own Digital Way!

Justin Erger (GlaxoSmithKline) & Keith Maziarek (Katten Muchin): AIring Griefances: "I Hate it when Law Firms/Clients ___" Please also read Keith's article "What Fare is Fair? Tips and Traps in Pricing and Bidding"

Catherine Krow (Digitory Legal): It's Not a Snowflake! Using Task-Level Benchmarks to Control High-Stakes Litigation Costs

Ari Kaplan (Ari Kaplan Advisors): Beyond the Numbers: What Pricing Professionals Can Learn from a Decade of Legal Industry Benchmarking

Adam Severson (Baker Donelson): Relationships Aren't Dead

Mo Zain Ajaz (National Grid): How Design Thinking has Helped National Grid Optimize Running the Legal Function
Simone Claudia
 (Buying Legal Guide): Find Providers of Alternative and Ancillary Legal Services Fast

Simone Claudia (Buying Legal Guide): Find Providers of Alternative and Ancillary Legal Services Fast

Simone Claudia (Buying Legal Guide): Find Providers of Alternative and Ancillary Legal Services Fast

Hugh Simons (Simons Advisors): Seizing the Moment: Why Now is the Time to Push Big Law Hard for Lower Rates

Jeff Ikejiri (UnitedLex): What eDiscovery Really Costs: Total Cost of Ownership

Sarah Bahmani (Tower Legal Solutions): Tower's Survey: Why use Contract Attorneys?

Brad Blickstein (Blickstein Group): Decoding a Decade of Data to Map the LDO Journey

Richard Burcher (Validatum): Price Sharing: Are you Up for Real Collaboration?

Mark Lassiter (Lex Projex): Templatizing & Tracking Legal Processes: The Key to Costing Legal Projects

Kathy Heafey (BanyanRFP): How to Gain Greater Inroads with the Legal Department

Daniel Linna (Northwestern Pritzker School of Law; CodeX – The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics): Measuring Legal Innovation & Technology Adoption: The Legal Services Innovation Index

Neil Sahota (University of California, Irvine): Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Industry: "Uber" Yourself or be "Kodaked"

Christopher Dorr (SRG Advisory Group): Third Party Risk Management: Procurement vs. the Hacker

2018 APAC Conference in Sydney:

Claire Bibby: Legal Procurement Service Delivery-Moving the Needle on Managing Internal and External Lawyers (Excerpt)

Peter Connor (KPMG): Will Law Firms Become Software Businesses?

Lindy Muto (Pact Group): How to Run a Convergence Strategy

Dion Gooderham (Uniting Church in Australia): Legal Panel War Stories-Tips and Traps from the Front Line

Mike Dudman (City Costs Management): Do's and Don'ts: Practical Advice on Billing Guides and Invoice Review

Tim Corcoran (Corcoran Consulting Group): Legal Lean Sigma in Action-It Takes a Village!

Monica Bradley (Purposeful Capital, Brisbane Marketing, B-Labs Aus/NZ & City Smart) & Warwick Walsh (Lawcadia): Innovation, Collaboration, and Relationships revisited with Design Thinking

Neil Sahota (IBM): Artificial Intelligence: Uber Yourself or Be Kodaked

2018 EMEA Conference in London:

Richard Stock (Catalyst Consulting): The Critical Elements of Non-Hourly Pricing

Jo Guy (Lloyds Banking Group) & Michael Tal (BusyLamp): How Procurement Can Leverage Technology of the Legal Department

Jerome Raguin (Yerra Solutions): Achieving Maturity in Metrics and Sourcing

Orazio Difruscolo (Swiss Re): Procurement Intelligence-Go Digital or Die

Denise Nurse (Halebury): The Power of Procurement to Drive Innovation

Hans Schuurman (Law4ce): A Low Hourly Rate is Not the Cheapest Solution

Richard Burcher (Validatum): Bespoke Price Risk-Sharing Models

Tim Haveron Jones (UnitedLex): Data Analysis & Legal Category Management

Stephanie Hamon (Barclays): The End of the Panel Process?

Jack Diggle (Elevate Services): Legal Spend Under Management

Tim Nightingale (Nisus Consulting): What's Most Important to In-House Counsel when Procuring Legal Services?

2018 DACH Conference in Frankfurt (in German):

Dr. Benno Quade (Software AG): Agile Legal Spend Management-Kreativität zahlt sich aus

Dr. Bruno Mascello (Universität St. Gallen): Besser, Schneller, Kostengünstiger? (Digitalisierung der Rechtsabteilung)

Dr. Martin Klein (thyssenkrupp AG): Werkstattbericht

Sven Listing (BusyLamp): Legal eBilling-warum eigentlich?

Markus Hartung (Bucerius Law School): Rechtsanwälte von gestern (No way to solve tomorrow's issues with yesterday's logic)

Dr. Arne Gärtner (Linklaters): Legal Project Management

Stefan Greening (Merck KGaA): Werkstattbericht

Dr. Thomas Berger (Deutsche Bahn AG): Werkstattbericht

2017 North America Conference in New York:

Jeff Grossman The Law Firm Economy

Peter Eilhauer, Matt Todd, Vince Vetri Seeing the Forest for the Trees-Overcoming the Challenges of Too Much Data

Vince Venturella Real Rate Report Insights and Trends

Brian Gissane 3 Exercises for an Excellent IP Costs Benchmarking

Catherine Krow Comparing Apples to Apples: A Practical Guide to Scoping Litigation

Christopher Ende Data-Driven Selection

Bruno Mascello Making Decisions-Beyond Expertise and Discounts

Andrew Shimek Information Knowledge Action

Michael Tal The Evolution of Legal Analytics

Casey Flaherty This Time is Different: The Human Side of Change Management

Madhav Srinivasan Two Sides of the Same Coin

Silvia Hodges Silverstein 2017 Legal Procurement Study Results

2017 EMEA Conference in London:

Steph Hogg Forecasting? Better Buy a Crystal Ball

Vince Venturella Real Rate Report Insights and Market Trends

Trevor Faure Smarter Legal Model

Jack Diggle & Edward Wilson Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Overcoming the Challenge of Too Much Data

John de Forte Improving your RFP

Michael Tal The Evolution of Legal Analytics

Richard Stock Four KPIs to Increase Value from Law Firms

Stephen Hopkins & Clifton Harrison Picking the Right Firm - Pricing Strategy for Scottish Airlines

Kevin O'Sullivan & Kevin Shine How (not) to Buy Project Management Services

Caroline O'Grady Driving Efficiency & Value from Your Panel

2017 APAC Conference in Sydney:

Richard Burcher Pricing: It Doesn't Have to Be a Zero-Sum Game

Wells Church Embracing Change in the New Legal Ecosystem

Pier D'Angelo Pricing

Mike Dudman Invoice Audits: Are you Getting What You Pay For?

Jason Macarthur & Sacha Kirk Matter Scoping & Successful Collaboration

Richard Stock Legal Procurement and Transformational Change: A Global Perspective

Warwick Walsh How Competition, Pricing, LPM & Technology Are Changing Legal Services

2016 North America Conference in New York:

Mark Cohen Managing (Supplier) Relationships

Joseph Leccese Managing (Supplier) Relationships

Danny Ertel Managing (Supplier) Relationships

Michael Tal Managing (Supplier) Relationships 

Susan O'Brien Getting a Seat at the Table

Richard Stock The Law Firm as a Business Partner

Aaron Katzel & Matt Rossman Legal Operations & Legal Procurement at AIG

Jo Ellen Hatfield Delivering Total Value Through Relationship Management

Elizabeth Lugones & Suraj Prashad Legal Procurement & Legal Operations

Silvia Hodges Silverstein Findings from the 2016 Legal Procurement Survey

2016 EMEA Conference in London:

Sarah-Jayne Aldridge & Suraj Prashad Alternative Fee Arrangements

Gerard Chick Alternative Fee Arrangements

Stuart Dodds Alternative Fee Arrangements

Kevin Doolan Alternative Fee Arrangements

Richard Fleetwood Alternative Fee Arrangements

Jas Kalra Towards Collaborative Management of Quality in the Procurement of Professional Services

Nick Williams Negotiating with Law Firms

Celia Sanchez San Juan & Anja Buettgenbach Alternative Fee Arrangements: Shifting the Focus from Work to Result

Silvia Hodges Silverstein Findings from the 2016 Legal Procurement Survey

2015 North America Conference in New York

Justin Ergler Pricing & Value

Danny Ertel Say No To Discounts

Casey Flaherty Pricing & Efficiency

Geoffrey Peters Best Practices in Legal Sourcing

Madhav Srinivasan slides

2015 EMEA Conference in London:

Prof. Stephen Mayson The Future of Buying Legal Services

Leah Cooper What is Efficiency in Legal Work?

Mike Potter What is Efficiency in Legal Work?

Laura Doyle What is Efficiency in Legal Work?

Christian Sellmann & Hartmut Papenthin The Legal Market: Today and Tomorrow

Richard Burcher Legal Services Pricing: Efficiency vs Effectiveness

Richard Stock Increasing Efficiency in Law Firms

Tim Corcoran The Efficiency Challenge

2015 Midwest Conference in Chicago:

Jeff Carr The Future of Buying Legal Services

Marc Calhoun (Abercrombie) Useful Metrics & Benchmarking

Keith Maziarek Useful Metrics & Benchmarking

Timothy Corcoran Useful Metrics & Benchmarking 

Petros Paranikas (Boston Consulting Group): Negotiating with Powerful Suppliers 

Jason Winmill High Impact Legal Benchmarking: Driving Change 

Richard Stock Balancing Competence, Coverage, and Cost: The Buyer's Perspective

Casey Flaherty The Legal Metrics Challenge: Service Delivery Review