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There is a growing need for businesses to take a more active role in addressing societal issues. Stakeholders expect those they do business with to make progress with respect to social impact, sustainability, carbon footprint, etc. These expectations extend beyond your own organizations to include their vendors and suppliers.

What is the role of the legal industry in addressing these issues? How does an organization's behavior influence buying decisions? What steps should procurement take to help influence the behavior of its vendors and suppliers, including law firms?

Our goals:

  • Enhance buyers’ and sellers’ understanding of social impact and sustainability issues in the legal industry
  • Provide tangible, actionable solutions for improving social Impact in the legal space, including value creation with suppliers/vendors
  • Create a more collaborative and purposeful approach to social impact and sustainability initiatives in the legal industry

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Meet our DEIB Working Group Leaders:

Milly Parekh

Johnson & Johnson

Adrienne Fox