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Confronting an inflection point of rising external spending with Andy Krebs (Intel)

  • 29 Sep 2021
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Intel is a technology leader and the world’s largest semiconductor company by revenue, reporting all-time record revenue of $77.9 billion in 2020. The expansive scope of Intel’s worldwide business operations requires broad and sophisticated legal support, including overseeing a litigation docket dominated by high-end patent, antitrust, and class-action litigation.

However, in 2019, Intel’s business environment was rapidly changing in two important respects:

  • A highly competitive environment meant that the company needed to increase its investments in technology leadership.
  • Like many others across the industry, Intel faced rapid, unsustainable increases in legal costs.

The team realized that a narrow fix would not be enough; whatever change they made would have to be holistic, scalable, and sustainable. To be successful, Intel would have to accomplish two things:

  • Design an entirely new model for managing its complex, massive global vendor ecosystem.
  • Shift its culture and practices to help the new model take hold.

Hear how Intel accomplish this from Andy Krebs, Strategic Resource Operations, Senior Manager - GAT Legal Operations at Intel Corporation.

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