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    • 8 Dec 2021
    • 11:00 - 12:00
    • Eastern Time | Members & Friends automatically receive calendar invite and login/dial-in for this webinar.

    What NOT to do in 2022. LEGAL TECH Trends to IGNORE!

    With AI finally gaining real traction in legal and the pandemic speeding technology adoption across industries, you are going to hear a lot about “trends to anticipate” in 2022.

    We are here to tell you which ones should perk up your ears and which are safe to ignore! Join us for a rapid-fire, do-this-not-that style presentation and go into the coming year with a better feel for what really matters.

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    • 19 Jan 2022
    • 11:00 - 12:00
    • Eastern Time | Members & Friends automatically receive calendar invite and login/dial-in for this webinar.

    Join us for a special session of The Definitive Guide to Buying Legal Services!

    Co-authors Caroline O'Grady and Lynsey Wood (both Coote O'Grady) will discuss best practices for KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS & HEAT MAPS FOR LEGAL SERVICES.


    • 16 Feb 2022
    • 11:00 - 12:00
    • Eastern Time | Members & Friends automatically receive calendar invite and login/dial-in for this webinar.

    Join us for a special session of The Definitive Guide to Buying Legal Services!

    Co-author Jason Winmill (Argopoint) will discuss best practices for ASSESSING FIRMS AND PROVIDERS and HOW TO SCORE LEGAL SERVICES.


Past events

17 Nov 2021 DEI - A Focus on the Facts (LexisNexis)
3 Nov 2021 Benchmarks - What can you really do with them? (LexisNexis)
27 Oct 2021 Considering Supplier Transition for Outsourced Relationships: How to Do it Right (Factor)
20 Oct 2021 2021 Legal Procurement Awards - Winners & Trends
6 Oct 2021 How to use billing data to communicate more transparently and align on outcomes (EPIQ)
29 Sep 2021 Confronting an inflection point of rising external spending with Andy Krebs (Intel)
22 Sep 2021 When is a Discount Actually a Discount? Using Data to Uncover the Hidden Costs of Outside Counsel (Bodhala)
15 Sep 2021 Finding needles in large data haystacks (Deloitte)
8 Sep 2021 THE EVISORT CHALLENGE: Bring Your Own Contracts (BYOC)! (Evisort)
18 Aug 2021 Maturity in Metrics: Applying Data Science to Legal Services Procurement (Morae Global)
11 Aug 2021 3 Reports That Transformed My Outside Counsel Conversations (Brightflag)
21 Jul 2021 Legal Vendor Management: The one thing you can't miss when managing risk (LexisNexis CounselLink)
14 Jul 2021 The Newlywed Game - Are you and your law firms a perfect match? (Alacrity)
30 Jun 2021 What You Need To Know About SUPPLIER DIVERSITY. How to build a successful program (DEI Working Group)
16 Jun 2021 The Definitive Guide to Buying Legal Services - UNDERSTAND PRICING OF LEGAL SERVICES
9 Jun 2021 To AI or not to AI? The Big Debate Part II (Onit & Consilio)
2 Jun 2021 What you can do to fix Legal's $925 Billion Problem (Factor)
19 May 2021 Lessons from Procurement of (other) Professional Services with Cliff Mahoney (LVMH)
12 May 2021 What Should You Really Be Paying for Outside Counsel? (Bodhala)
28 Apr 2021 Is 2021 the year we stop talking billable hours and start talking client value? (Deloitte)
21 Apr 2021 The Paradox of Value (Morae Global)
14 Apr 2021 Getting Serious About Value-Based Legal Sourcing (Brightflag)
31 Mar 2021 The Definitive Guide to Buying Legal Services - YOUR CHOICES MAKE AN IMPACT: SOCIAL IMPACT & SUSTAINABILITY
24 Mar 2021 AI & The Promise of Predictable Legal Spend (Brightflag)
17 Mar 2021 The Corporate Legal Triumvirate: 3 Models for Successful, Data-Driven Outside Counsel Management (Bodhala)
3 Mar 2021 BOOK LAUNCH: The Definitive Guide to Buying Legal Services - DESIGNING A SOURCING STRATEGY
24 Feb 2021 Analytics & Benchmarking: Peer-to-Peer with Andie Lam, Jo Ellen Hatfield, Orazio Difruscolo, and Melissa Miller (EY Law)
16 Feb 2021 The Great Legal Shift of 2021: Procurement’s Role in Adding Value to the Business Bottom Line with Leigh Vickery (Level Legal) & Kevin Kiley (OneTrust)
10 Feb 2021 Analytics & Benchmarking: Expert Roundtable with Connie Brenton, Jim Hannigan, Jon Lane, and Joey Seeber (Level Legal)
27 Jan 2021 Innovation: Peer-to-Peer with Gina Patierno, Jessica Williams, Jon Lane, and Peter Krakaur (EY Law)
9 Dec 2020 A D&I Working Group session: Building Diversity Culture Into Your Legal Supply Chain
2 Dec 2020 Automation of Work/New Technology: Peer-to-Peer Roundtable with Andy Krebs, Lisa Khan, Orazio Difruscolo, and Agustín Sánchez (Thomson Reuters)
18 Nov 2020 The BIG DEBATE: The best solution to reduce outside counsel cost?! (ONIT)
11 Nov 2020 Automation of Work/New Technology: Expert Roundtable with Dr. Eva Bruch, Tim Corcoran, Shamus Rae, and Heidi Stenberg (EY Law)
28 Oct 2020 Strategic Partnering with JeanMarie Campbell, Michael Glasser, and Joshua Zorger (Baker McKenzie)
21 Oct 2020 Cost Management: Peer-to-Peer with Matt Lundin, Lisa Khan, Andie Lam, and Peter Eilhauer (EPIQ)
7 Oct 2020 Cost Management: Expert Roundtable with Akshay Verma, Michael Rynowecer, Olaf van der Linden, Stephanie Corey, and Mark Habbinga (EPIQ)
30 Sep 2020 Efficiency & Productivity: Peer-to-Peer with Andy Krebs, Jennifer Black-Sherman, Mo Zain Ajaz, Tina Ksienzyk. Moderator: Sandy Devine (Factor)
23 Sep 2020 INSIGHTS: Q4 2020/Q1 2021 - What can we expect? An industry intelligence overview with Jeff Grossman
16 Sep 2020 Efficiency & Productivity: Expert Roundtable with Sandy Devine, Bruno Mascello, and Lon Povich
9 Sep 2020 Real Innovation through Client-Firm Collaboration - Matter Intake Automation with Toby Brown (Perkins Coie)
2 Sep 2020 Buying Legal Council’s 2020 Market Intelligence Report: Perspectives
12 Aug 2020 Procurement, the GC’s office and Legal Ops: Living Together (and Thriving!)
6 Aug 2020 The Buying Legal Council D&I Working Group presents: Diversity in the Legal Profession: A Moral and Business Imperative
29 Jul 2020 DATA GOVERNANCE & CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: How you can build security into your contracts
22 Jul 2020 LEGAL VENDOR CYBER RISK PROGRAM: How to deal with problems (and how to avoid them in the first place)
15 Jul 2020 CYBER SECURITY BENCHMARKING: What you need to know now and how to avoid risk
8 Jul 2020 PRIVILEGED DATA: Understanding the cyber security Challenges with your legal vendors
2 Jul 2020 Social Impact and Sustainability: Peer-to-Peer Roundtable with Kelly Hotchkiss, Tom Harvey, and Pamela Cone
1 Jul 2020 Diversity & Inclusion: Peer-to-Peer Roundtable with Adrienne Fox, Rippi Karda, Vance McMurry; Moderators: Milly Parekh and Ruth Estrella Pujols
30 Jun 2020 Social Impact and Sustainability: Expert Roundtable with Adam Roy Gordon, Arnaud Brohé, Carol Kazmer Liffman, and Pamela Cone
25 Jun 2020 A Virtual Discussion with BT and Onit: Optimizing Resources Inside & Outside the Legal Department
27 May 2020 Agile (Legal) Tech Vendor Selection - Learning from other IT Categories with Hervé Legenvre, PhD (EIPM) and Andressa Reis (Heineken)
20 May 2020 Improving the Procurement Process Using Lean Six Sigma with Lourdes Slater (Karta Legal)
29 Apr 2020 How efficient are your legal suppliers? The evolving role of Procurement in driving cost savings AND efficiency when buying legal services with Matthew Peacock (OMC Partners)
22 Apr 2020 Special Session for Members & Friends: Corporate Supplier Diversity - How Corporations are making a difference for Legal Services
8 Apr 2020 Legal Procurement Dialogue Q1 with Lisa Khan, Director Strategic Sourcing (Alexion Pharmaceuticals)
18 Mar 2020 Legal Procurement 101 - Getting Started
4 Mar 2020 Activity-Collared AFAs with David Falstein
26 Feb 2020 A Panel Journey Experience – Crawl, Walk, Run with Reggie Plac (American Family Insurance)
13 Feb 2020 Pricing Legal Services Master Class - Module 4 Why ROIs and LPMs Matter; Managing the Transitions; and Innovation
11 Feb 2020 Pricing Legal Services Master Class - Module 3 Non-Hourly Fee Arrangements and Negotiations to Arrive at a Fair Price
5 Feb 2020 Virtual Legal Procurement Roundtable
23 Jan 2020 Pricing Legal Services Master Class - Module 2 RFPs, Invitations for Strategic Partnering and Evaluating Proposals
22 Jan 2020 Actionable cost data: What it is; why you want it; how you use it with Catherine Krow (Digitory Legal)
21 Jan 2020 Pricing Legal Services Master Class - Module 1 Procurement Strategy and Scope of Work
15 Jan 2020 How SALI Legal Matter Specification Standard (LMSS) helps you specify matters to identify the best resources for legal procurement with Jim Hannigan and Adam Stock
4 Dec 2019 Design Thinking for Legal Services with Kevin Bielawski (Husch Blackwell) and Lann Wasson (Husch Blackwell)
20 Nov 2019 Special Session with the 2019 Legal Procurement Award Winners!
13 Nov 2019 Legal Procurement Dialogue Q4 with Andie Lam - Global Category Sourcing Manager - Legal Services (Novartis)
16 Oct 2019 Compliance 101 with George Martin (Faegre Baker Daniels) and David Sampsell (Digi)
25 Sep 2019 Introduction to U.S. Contract Law with Stafford Matthews (Dentons)
18 Sep 2019 Legal Procurement Dialogue Q3 with Stephanie Arkin - Sourcing Manager
5 Sep 2019 Americas Legal Procurement Conference
30 Jul 2019 APAC Legal Procurement Conference
17 Jul 2019 Webinar: Profiles & Dialogue In Diversity for Legal Services
28 Jun 2019 Winning Proposals Workshop in Los Angeles
26 Jun 2019 Winning Proposals Workshop in Chicago
25 Jun 2019 Winning Proposals Workshop in New York
24 Jun 2019 Winning Proposal Workshop in Boston
11 Jun 2019 EMEA Legal Procurement Conference
5 Jun 2019 Building Trust: A Legal Procurement Change Management Journey with Jose Nicot (Teva Pharma)
22 May 2019 Legal Procurement Dialogue Q2 with Lisa Khan - Director Strategic Sourcing, Professional Services & IT (Alexion Pharmaceuticals)
15 May 2019 Mid-Year Review of your Legal Procurement Strategy and Prep for 2020 with Magen McClintock (KeyBank)
7 May 2019 DACH Legal Procurement Conference
24 Apr 2019 Estimating & Tracking Legal Costs, Tasks & Schedules with Dashboards & KPIs with Mark Lassiter (Lex Projex)
10 Apr 2019 Buying Legal Services – how buyers and sellers can help each other with Geraint Evans (CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang)
3 Apr 2019 GDPR with Tracy Weir (Baker Donelson)
27 Mar 2019 Legal Procurement Dialogue Q1 with Olaf van der Linden - Interim Management and Consulting Professional Services Procurement (Allotrope)
26 Mar 2019 Diversity & Inclusion: How to Increase Diverse Spend in the Legal Category with Adrienne Fox (Novartis) and Milly Parekh (Johnson & Johnson)
13 Mar 2019 Legal Method, Skills, and Reasoning with Louise Boswell and Tim Sales (CMS)
13 Feb 2019 The RULES - An Introduction to Law Firm Economics with Timothy Corcoran (